#Jean Paul Gaultier Spring-Summer 2015 haute couture; 

 ”Finale” was smoothly moving on a glittery stage.  All together 61 silhouettes which represents how to say yes in 61 way;  wedding gowns, pantsuits, tuxedos, than a colourful python print designs, many black and white gowns,  half fuchsia red colour and half-white colour gown, bright green gown, half black pants and half black gown, blue gown with a model’s face covered with beekeeper’s hat, i even saw Naomi Campbell as a bouquet of flowers, but definitely the best look for me was light blue satin and chiffon gown with a denim jean waistline. WOW!

Overall feeling of the show was just wonderful. Mr Jean Paul and his all team made this event as it should be, with all ingredients that are necessary for the great fashion show.  Mr. Jean Paul’s assiduous talent is unstoppable force that keeps him always on TOP! 


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