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My Spring 2019 Men’s Highlights!

So men’s fashion month brought the fire!

(Disclaimer: All images found on Vogue Runway)

With Mr Kim Jones (Dior) and Virgil Abloh (Louis Vuitton) both had their debuts as Menswear directors, Naomi Campbell slayed the Dolce & Gabbana DGDNA runway, Balmain’s ode to MJ and other fashion greats such as Versace, Dsquared2, Les Hommes, Frankie Morello, Christopher Raeburn, What we wear, Fendi and the list goes on and on!

What were your favourite parts of Men’s fashion month?

Dior Homme

Beautiful pastels and prints from the one and only Mr Kim Jones! A brilliant Debut.

There was a consistent romantic theme throughout the show with the lighter tones and floral arrangements around. I can’t wait to see what Jones comes up with in the future.

He also invited a Prince to walk in his show… no big deal!


Olivier’s brilliant ode to the icon Michael Jackson. I’m still shook by this collection. Has to be one of his best yet! I feel like I say this a lot but Olivier Rousteing is such an amazing designer. Just the sheer detail in every single piece blows my mind. Did you know Rousteing was a black child of white adoptive parents in Bordeaux and then he came up as the only black creative director at a legacy Paris fashion house? You know before Virgil Abloh. His ode to MJ was classy, fierce, regal, detailed, breath-taking and artistic just like Michael Jackson. His music and his memory continue to live on with us all and he’ll never be forgotten!

Screenshot Balmain

Dolce & Gabbana

Even though Stefano Gabbana has been in the news for some pretty bad reasons, I am deciding to look over this. I in no way condone bullying in any form, I am simply looking at the art created and not at the actions he has chosen to take against Selena Gomez. I hope that whatever is happening in his life that is causing him to lash out in this way ceases.

Despite other drama, the whole show was amazing consisting of flawless and ornate looks, Naomi Campbell looking like a boss… As always, and some fabulous design. the DNA show really embodied what D&G is all about. Their other secret show… The naked show was – quite frankly – almost naked. Just imagine muscular guys in underwear wearing excess jewellery and other accessories and you have the show. This is not my favourite from them, however, the DNA show was definitely worth talking about.

My favourite looks were worn by Naomi Campbell, (Was that even a question?) D&G poster boy and Youtube Prince, Cameron Dallas, What we wear designer and phenomenal rap artist, Tinie Tempah, Jhona Burjack and anyone else wearing anything that was ornate and brightly coloured!

Fendi 1


So My best friend, Ryan, and I were completely gassed about this show because it was just so cool, so lit and so brilliant. I am just waiting for them to send me the whole collection… Brb 😂

Fendi made me like bucket hats again, and I haven’t liked them since 2012. The deep blacks and reds, light browns and Fendi motifs come together harmoniously to make the perfect high-fashion Streetwear combination. Sadly, I don’t have my Fendi money yet…

LV 1.png

Louis Vuitton

…Can we just appreciate all of the Melanin Poppin, Black Men Smiling, Wakandan King brilliance? If you’re offended by highly melaninated fashion shows, stop reading now!

Just like Fenty Beauty, Virgil Abloh intentionally picked models to reflect the beauty and brilliance of Afro-culture. Abloh really made a statement not only with the clothing but with the rainbow runway. The whole show was a real celebration of life through the medium of fashion and design. I believe this will be a moment that will go down in fashion history just like Rousteing with Balmain. Black people are so much more than what you see on TV, we are multi-faceted beautiful and creative human beings and I am so proud to see what we are all creating.

you can do it too…

A post shared by @ virgilabloh on

Abloh continues to inspire from his clothing to his IG. “you can do it too…” is a message that we all need. (I can’t help it, I love to inspire and find the inspiration and beauty in things!)

I have kind of decided that I need some of these looks too. I’ll add it to my birthday wishlist!

CR 1

Christopher Raeburn

Sustainable fashion just turned up the heat!

The days of sustainable fashion looking like something out of the bin are very far in the past, drop those stereotypes and look at the brilliance of sustainable fashion. In a recent video when I talk about Prom Fashion, I also talk about sustainability. It is so important that we take this seriously.

One of my favourite collaborations this season was the Cano Water and Christopher Raeburn collaboration.

In the future, I’d love to see more brands be intentional with their sustainability. I really want to work with more sustainable brands like Cano Water and other sustainable fashion brands.

There is so much brilliance I could talk about with this season but these are my main highlights.

I’ll be sharing more of my favourites over on my Instagram – Go and give it a follow!

I really hope you have enjoyed my ramblings about fashion. Stay blessed and have a great day my beautiful people.


Victorious Everyday


Here come the girls: Be the belle of the ball!

Who runs the world? Girls! Obviously!

Ladies, it’s time for your prom inspiration and I really hope it helps you.

Like a Bawse

Completely inspired by the likes of Lilly Singh (IISuperwomanII) and Victoria Mcgrath (InTheFrow), the power suit could be your serious power play this prom season. Not only will it make you stand out, you can also reuse it for job interviews, weddings etc.

Flowy and free

Again, inspired by Victoria – You should really go and follow her – finding a nice flowy dress, that doesn’t look like a cupcake dress, can really help you to feel amazing.

Time to get playful

These Pretty Little Thing Playsuits are a perfect way to slay prom without wearing a dress.



Lady in red

You can’t go wrong with a red dress!

Choker maxi dress in red from Missguided

The most important rule is to have fun with your style.

I hope you guys enjoy Prom!


Victorious Everyday

Time to stand out – Men’s Prom Style

Men's Prom Style Inspiration

Prom is just around the corner and it’s time to adopt a new way of thinking.

Dare to be different!

(Disclaimer: All images used are linked to their original sources!)

Usually, for guys, Prom is the place where guys go to party in carbon copy suits… We’re in 2018! It’s time to adopt some real individuality with your prom looks!

It’s time to set some new rules – Like Dua Lipa – for prom style with individuality:

1. Add some colour

2. Stand out

3. Have fun!

Funday Blues

Blue is a brilliant alternative to black especially if you’re not confident with bright colours.

You could stick to a safe navy or be more adventurous with a cobalt or turquoise. The possibilities are endless.

This inspo picture comes from a brilliant creative called Marques. Make sure you go and check him out on the gram, this image was from his recent Moss Bros campaign… He’s just -casually – killing the game!

Marques in Moss Bros
Marques in his Moss Bros Prom 18 campaign.

Don’t buy for the singular event, buy for longevity. This way, you’ll have a piece that you can wear time and time again which will help to combat fast fashion and will help you to do your bit for the planet!

Silvers and Greys

Another alternative to black, can keep you classy and cool on the big night. It will also double as a great wedding or graduation suit. The addition of some red is always a good look too. A red tie, pocket hanky or a red rose… Or a dozen like Liam Boswell from down under!

Liam Boswell with Roses Taken by Jake O’Donnell

Lose the shirt

Before you jump to conclusions, this isn’t about going to prom topless – most schools frown upon that- this is about adding some street style to your prom look. Inspired by Gallucks, add a roll neck or track top under your blazer to put an urban touch to your look.

Colour it up

Asos, Topman and Moss Bros are treasure troves when it comes to Harry Styles-esque suits. These are for the guys who aren’t afraid to draw attention to themselves. Whether it’s block colour, patterned or metallic, the secret to rocking these suits is confidence!

Washed out but not washed up

Pastels and neutrals are subtle ways to add some colour into your prom wardrobe and they will also see you through for summer weddings or parties.

If you’ve been stuck for Prom inspo, I hope this blog post has helped you. More money saving tips and prom style to come over the next few days.

God bless


Victorious everyday

The Sunglasses you need this Summer!

The Sunglasses you need this Summer!

It’s that time again! Summer is quite frankly upon us… we hope!

When I woke up and saw the sun blazing outside of my window, I knew that it was going to be a great day. Even though I was stuck at my desk at work, the sun enveloped the room. This post is dedicated to my friend, Ella, who asked about sunglasses shapes for different faces so this is me trying to help you all to get the perfect sunnies for you.

(I wrote this first bit when it was sunny. I’m hoping it comes back!)

Sunglasses 101

Before I go into my favourites, let’s talk about finding the right ones that work with your face. I did some research on a site called Evo which would be very helpful for anyone but I am just going to summarise it for you.

What is your face shape? (Check for glossary definitions of sunglasses types)

  1. Round – Try Square, Wrap, rectangle and shield styles would work best. Colourful frame could work well for you as well.
  2. Square – For a more balanced look, aviators, butterflies and rounded frames will help to round off the sharpness of your features.
  3. Oval – You can pretty much wear any shade – This is my face shape!
  4. Oblong – To get sunglasses that make you look good, try wrap, shield, square, wayfarer and rectangle styles. But avoid the chic mini shades!
  5. Diamond – Oval and rimless frames will really help to accentuate your face perfectly.
  6. Heart – Serve some face with cat-eye styles as well as shield, butterfly, rimless or aviator styles.

I would also suggest finding the style that works for you. You typically suit what you prefer so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles.

My Sunglasses Styling

Sunglasses are definitely my favourite accessory, right next to hats! For me, they really accentuate my face and I love experimenting with different shapes. Here are just a few styles that you need to get your hands on and some amazing places to get them from:

Circular Frames

These circular frames have been all over my Instagram lately. I really love these shades from Classy Men Collection. From Classy Men Collection, you can get yourself some amazing shades and accessories without breaking the bank when you use my code VICTORYFORU20 for 20% off!

And better yet they have a women’s department so ladies, you can get in on the great styles too.

I think circular shades are a brilliant way to make a nod to the recent tiny sunnies trend without looking too odd. In honesty, on some people, they look great, but it was never made for the masses like circular shade.

High Shine Shades

High shine shades can make an outfit look expensive. My biggest style secret is buying things affordably and making them look expensive. You can do this by buying strong statement pieces and adding them to simple looks. Take my Hashtag Sunglasses, for example, my #Unique shades were only $52 (Approximately £37) and they have lasted me such a long time. It’s a great place to do a one-off purchase or a sunglasses haul. I’d say that they are up there with some of the other good sunglasses makers. Obviously, they are not designer but they will make you look like you’ve spent some designer money!

Block Colour Rims

If you do this, I would make sure that you either choose the colour to match your outfit or to contrast it. For example, my red Primark shades work really well with a plain and simple outfit or a red outfit like you see above. Picking the right rims for the right outfit is a talent that can take a little while to master so sticking to primary colours like blue and red would be advised as they go with almost anything. And also, just raid Primark for them as they are so cheap!

Metallic Tones

I love the whole metallic trend from clothing to accessories. Contrasting my silver top from Asos and my Gold shades from H&M was a brilliant choice for me but if you are someone who is more reserved, sticking with silver shades would be your best bet.

For me, sunglasses give me a beautiful confidence in the same way that watches, make-up and shoes do for other people. I hope you have enjoyed this post and that this has given you some insight into how to pick the perfect shades for you.

A blog post will be coming to you soon about the real reason I never leave home without a pair of sunglasses.

Thank you all for your time, God bless you and stay blessed.


Victorious Everyday

You need to check them out! #IAmACheerleader

Everyone in this list is someone who I look up to and think they’re amazing. Not all of them are on here, it would have been 12 pages long if they were all on here. God bless every single one of them.

Here is an extended list of all of the beautiful people I mentioned in my video:

The Parents:

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My Friends:

Time files when You’re having fun 🗄🗂

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Suited&booted👔 @kanelayland

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Wrapped in @zara 👳🏼‍♀️

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Check out @topman ❣️

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Shooting for a #HarleyStreet Clinic today. #work #facials #malegrooming

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Skrr skrrrt….🚲

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Im a simple man; I see neon, I take photo.📸🔥

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I haven’t forgotten, but this one has been a process 😫😭 #newvidoutsoon

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*extremely honest post* Not gonna lie this is the first year in my life (out of the 10 years I’ve been single) that I’ve actually TRULY been content being single, like really really content not just saying it because it’s the right thing to say. Two years ago I literally said with my mouth “I need a man to be happy” and I believed that with my whole heart. I said I’m only happy when I’m talking to someone. My bestie and sister tried to convince me but I wasn’t trying to hear it, I was like “It’s okay for you to say because you’ve both got a man” I didn’t want anyone to convince me that being single was okay, that it was a “great time to focus on yourself “ heck I’d been doing that for 8 years!! Can I just have a moment to be upset without being told how I should or should not be feeling?! Those feelings were real!!! But I’m not gonna lie that was the unhappiest and loneliest time of my life, looking back I’m cringing because I can’t imagine thinking like that right now. But it’s real and some of you are probably where I was at… The problem was I was simply tired of being alone, bringing home the bacon and frying it myself, not having anyone that supported my dreams and giving so much to other people and getting nothing back. I was beyond drained and I was draining myself even further by being so hard on myself. I didn’t truly understand self-love I really thought I did but when that lonely season hit me, it all went out of the window. In hindsight what that season has taught me is even though I want a man I don’t NEED a man, Nobody ever died from being single lol (debatable) But what I do NEED is Self Love and Gods love; Actually internalising how much God loves me and in turn being able to give myself the love, care and attention that I so desperately craved from others. Sorry for the long post, but it had to be said I’ve actually got an event on Tues 13th where I’ll be sharing more of my story (link in bio) but I wrote this to let you know that YOU ARE ENOUGH! People ask me all the time why are you still single? And my answer is simple: because I’m supposed to be. Gods timing is perfect 👌🏾 Photo taken at @rb_london Self Love event 💋

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Every word counts, every image you put into their minds and hearts shape their reality. Feed them love, let them know it's okay to make mistakes. A boy with low self-esteem grows to become a man with no self-esteem. Encouragement is the key and motivation is the steering wheel. Your children will hear your voice forever. Make sure your voice is positvely powerful enough to make them feel strong. Look your children in their eyes. Hold them tight and slence all their fears. Give them enough space to fall, and let them know the power is in standing up! Unstoppable. Unstoppable. Unstoppable! Your children are your reflection, make sure that mirror shines bright. There may be days when they feel like putting their head down, and that's when your voice is needed the most. The power is in your hands. Give them one hundred percent of your heart, and I guarantee you, your children will make you smile forever! Conversations that build greatness. TAG FRIEND'S #kingnahh #inspiration #motivation #motivationalspeaker #fatherson #positive #conversation #empowerment #upliftment #motivateyourchildren #love

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Make sure you go and follow them all. I do plan to add more to this list. If you are following me on Instagram, you’l be able to keep up with my #IAmACheerleader Highlight.

Move forward in love, be confident and become someone’s cheerleader today.


Victorious Everyday

Videographer and Photographer Search for LFW

I’m on the search for a photographer and a videographer who’d like to work with me to create some brilliant content at London Fashion Week with Oxford Fashion Studio on 17th February!

This will not be paid but travel will be provided!


  1. Evidence of prior videography/photography work
  2. Must be in the Oxfordshire or London area
  3. Own a good quality camera/ camera equipment
  4. Must be creative
  5. Be ready to work in a professional, high octane environment
  6. Be professional, helpful and kind
  7. Must be available all day

If you know anyone who’d be interested in this, please e-mail me on with your CV and evidence. The event will be held at Devonshire square in London. Timings will be further discussed on application.

I want to work with other young people who are trying to work hard and make it big in the industry. Let’s start the conversation, message me over on Instagram!

You have a week to show that you’re interested! (Until 4th February)

Thanks guys and I can’t wait to work, as I said previously, please e-mail me but if you are really interested, shoot me a message on Instagram ( @victoriousdarius ) and let’s get this ball rolling!


Victorious Everyday

Mexican Feast Recipe

Mexican Feast - Victoryforu

This is the first blog post on Victoryforu Fashion in 2018!

I know I have been slacking a bit but I have a good reason. I have been working on some crazy content for you all and here’s the first that I am happy to bring to you all… I cooked and filmed it and here’s the recipe for how to create the same.


  • 8 Chicken Breasts
  • Lean Minced Beef
  • Spinach
  • Mushrooms
  • 12 Tortilla wraps
  • Flour
  • All Purpose Seasoning
  • Mixed peppers
  • Onions
  • Garlic Olive Oil
  • Eggs
  • Smoked Tabasco
  • Old El Paso – Smoky BBQ seasoning
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber
  • 6 Salad Tomatoes
  • (Optional) Salsa, sour cream, guacamole and cheese
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Thickening agent or gravy granules


  1. Prepare all of the vegetables and meat. Make sure they are all cleaned and chopped to your liking.

For the Mince

  1. Dice the onions and sweat them in a small amount of the garlic olive oil.
  2. Once sweated, add the mince to the pot and brown.
  3. During the browning process, add salt and pepper to taste, the Smoky BBQ seasoning and smoked tabasco. Add more or less to get it to the perfect heat for you.
  4. Once the mince is cooked through, add a thickening agent or gravy granules to thicken the consistency that will be perfect to go into a wrap.

For the Chicken

  1. Cut the chicken into inch thick strips (Doesn’t have to be accurate) and season with salt, pepper, all-purpose seasoning, smoky BBQ seasoning. This will taste better once it has been left for an hour in the fridge or (if you have the time) overnight.
  2. Using vegetable oil, prepare the pan for shallow frying.
  3. Season your flour with salt, pepper, all-purpose and smoky bbq seasoning.
  4. Whisk the eggs and milk together
  5. Test a small piece of chicken for flavour once the oil is hot. Dip it in the egg mixture, then the flour and then into the oil.
  6. Once you have tasted it and it is to your liking, continue the process for the rest of the chicken. After they are golden brown, place the strips on a wire rack and place into the oven on a low heat to finish the cooking process for about 20 mins.


For The Spinach and Mushroom mixture

  1. Make sure they are both clean and chop the mushrooms into quarters.
  2. With a little bit of garlic oil, sauté the mushrooms.
  3. Add salt, pepper, smoked tabasco and the smoky BBQ seasoning to taste. You could add chillies for an extra kick.
  4. Once the mushrooms are almost cooked, wilt the spinach but make sure it doesn’t become soggy.

For the mixed peppers

  1. Chop your peppers into strips and begin to sweat them in the pan with onions.
  2. Add salt, pepper and smoked tabasco taste.
  3. Turn down the heat so everything will soften and the flavours will come together.

Final Assembly

Because I am literally useless at wrapping tortillas, Here’s a video to help you assemble the perfect one:

Whip up a nice salad, add the condiments you want and then you’ll have the perfect Mexican feast for your friends and family.

I hope you have enjoyed this. Make sure you check out the video I filmed with my friends making this.


Victorious Everyday



Avoid the cold: 4 outfits that will keep you warm and stylish

I am still in shock about that it snowed in the UK.

I acted like a child for the first 4 hours… then I realised that I would have to ride my bike in the snow the next day… And needless to say, I have dropped off my bike a good couple of times due to black ice. I am so glad no one was around to see my clumsiness.

But if any good came out of the snow, it was the inspiration to wrote this blog post. I thought it would be the opportune time to take some content in the snow and create 4 different outfits that will keep you warm and stylish this winter.

Not everything in this post is still available in stores so I will provide you with alternatives to help you make it your own.

Look 1: Jack Frost

I was 100% trying to channel Jack Frost and Frozone with his outfit with the silver, white and blue hues. And I have to say, I think I have accomplished that.

The base of this look was a Silver Top from ASOS (Which I am so in love with!) and I decided to add a white sleeveless hoodie from Topman to separate the silver of the top and the jacket from Forever 21. The little additions of blue with the cropped chinos from ASOS and the spiky blue hat completed my look.

Shop the alternatives here:

Silver Leather Jacket Alternative
White hoodie alternative

Look 2: Winter Warmer

Now, this look was quite outside of my comfort zone initially. It’s quite low key in comparison to what I would usually wear. However, I loved it in the end, so much so that I thought I’d (foolishly) challenge my model friend Addis Miller (Go and follow him!) to a who wore it better contest on Instagram so make sure you go and vote.

Go and comment on both of our Instagrams and follow us both. To vote for me, comment ‘👑’ (The Crown Emoji) and to vote for Addis, comment ‘💪’ (The Flex Emoji) and we’ll see who you prefer!

We both have on the same top who is now reduced to £7 from ASOS (A great gift for Christmas) and I adopted the warmer brown tones with my bulky and warm brown leather jacket and off-white bomber jacket from ASOS with my cropped chinos.  The warmer tones look great and also feels amazing. Investing in an insulated coat will really be a great value for money.

Leather Jacket Alternative

Look 3: Christmas Jumper Chic

Adding a bit more Christmas cheer back to the looks, a festive printed jumper can go a long way with this outfit. Using the jumper as the statement and framing it in white, you can create a look that’s an absolute masterpiece.

The longline shirt from ASOS is the perfect length to add more interesting lines to the look as well.

Look 4: Chilled Night out

For a more relaxed look, I went with my usual white dungarees from boohooman with a sleeveless khaki shirt and red plaid sweatshirt on top a white super longline T-shirt from ASOS. This creates a slouchy yet stylish silhouette. My beanie was lovingly knitted my Myssy Farmi, a Finnish brand I met earlier this year and my shoes are from Dogeek!

All of these looks are affordable looks that you can recreate with some of the alternatives I’ve suggested or by simply using my looks as inspiration.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and don’t forget to go and vote on Instagram. I’m excited to hear your opinions on who wore it better.
God bless.


Victorious Everyday. 



Let your voice be heard – Libya needs our help!

​You may or may not know about the atrocities happening in Libya. The frightening things is that you probably are unaware of this as it hasn’t been on any major news platforms. – Sign to get parliament talking about this atrocity!

Libya is in Crisis and many people are dying, being raped, mutilated etc in the Libyan slave trade.
​ -Sign this to get help Libya have a voice!

It’ll take a few seconds to sign these petitions. Let your voice be heard. Shine a light on slavery and let’s unite as humanity to end this. – Send a letter to the US ambassador!
I pray that God shows us what to do on this time of crisis.

This will shared to both my blogs because I believe that we cannot be silent in times like these.

Victorious Everyday