My Spring 2019 Men’s Highlights!

So men’s fashion month brought the fire!

(Disclaimer: All images found on Vogue Runway)

With Mr Kim Jones (Dior) and Virgil Abloh (Louis Vuitton) both had their debuts as Menswear directors, Naomi Campbell slayed the Dolce & Gabbana DGDNA runway, Balmain’s ode to MJ and other fashion greats such as Versace, Dsquared2, Les Hommes, Frankie Morello, Christopher Raeburn, What we wear, Fendi and the list goes on and on!

What were your favourite parts of Men’s fashion month?

Dior Homme

Beautiful pastels and prints from the one and only Mr Kim Jones! A brilliant Debut.

There was a consistent romantic theme throughout the show with the lighter tones and floral arrangements around. I can’t wait to see what Jones comes up with in the future.

He also invited a Prince to walk in his show… no big deal!


Olivier’s brilliant ode to the icon Michael Jackson. I’m still shook by this collection. Has to be one of his best yet! I feel like I say this a lot but Olivier Rousteing is such an amazing designer. Just the sheer detail in every single piece blows my mind. Did you know Rousteing was a black child of white adoptive parents in Bordeaux and then he came up as the only black creative director at a legacy Paris fashion house? You know before Virgil Abloh. His ode to MJ was classy, fierce, regal, detailed, breath-taking and artistic just like Michael Jackson. His music and his memory continue to live on with us all and he’ll never be forgotten!

Screenshot Balmain

Dolce & Gabbana

Even though Stefano Gabbana has been in the news for some pretty bad reasons, I am deciding to look over this. I in no way condone bullying in any form, I am simply looking at the art created and not at the actions he has chosen to take against Selena Gomez. I hope that whatever is happening in his life that is causing him to lash out in this way ceases.

Despite other drama, the whole show was amazing consisting of flawless and ornate looks, Naomi Campbell looking like a boss… As always, and some fabulous design. the DNA show really embodied what D&G is all about. Their other secret show… The naked show was – quite frankly – almost naked. Just imagine muscular guys in underwear wearing excess jewellery and other accessories and you have the show. This is not my favourite from them, however, the DNA show was definitely worth talking about.

My favourite looks were worn by Naomi Campbell, (Was that even a question?) D&G poster boy and Youtube Prince, Cameron Dallas, What we wear designer and phenomenal rap artist, Tinie Tempah, Jhona Burjack and anyone else wearing anything that was ornate and brightly coloured!

Fendi 1


So My best friend, Ryan, and I were completely gassed about this show because it was just so cool, so lit and so brilliant. I am just waiting for them to send me the whole collection… Brb 😂

Fendi made me like bucket hats again, and I haven’t liked them since 2012. The deep blacks and reds, light browns and Fendi motifs come together harmoniously to make the perfect high-fashion Streetwear combination. Sadly, I don’t have my Fendi money yet…

LV 1.png

Louis Vuitton

…Can we just appreciate all of the Melanin Poppin, Black Men Smiling, Wakandan King brilliance? If you’re offended by highly melaninated fashion shows, stop reading now!

Just like Fenty Beauty, Virgil Abloh intentionally picked models to reflect the beauty and brilliance of Afro-culture. Abloh really made a statement not only with the clothing but with the rainbow runway. The whole show was a real celebration of life through the medium of fashion and design. I believe this will be a moment that will go down in fashion history just like Rousteing with Balmain. Black people are so much more than what you see on TV, we are multi-faceted beautiful and creative human beings and I am so proud to see what we are all creating.

View this post on Instagram

you can do it too…

A post shared by @ virgilabloh on

Abloh continues to inspire from his clothing to his IG. “you can do it too…” is a message that we all need. (I can’t help it, I love to inspire and find the inspiration and beauty in things!)

I have kind of decided that I need some of these looks too. I’ll add it to my birthday wishlist!

CR 1

Christopher Raeburn

Sustainable fashion just turned up the heat!

The days of sustainable fashion looking like something out of the bin are very far in the past, drop those stereotypes and look at the brilliance of sustainable fashion. In a recent video when I talk about Prom Fashion, I also talk about sustainability. It is so important that we take this seriously.

One of my favourite collaborations this season was the Cano Water and Christopher Raeburn collaboration.

In the future, I’d love to see more brands be intentional with their sustainability. I really want to work with more sustainable brands like Cano Water and other sustainable fashion brands.

There is so much brilliance I could talk about with this season but these are my main highlights.

I’ll be sharing more of my favourites over on my Instagram – Go and give it a follow!

I really hope you have enjoyed my ramblings about fashion. Stay blessed and have a great day my beautiful people.


Victorious Everyday

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