Videographer and Photographer Search for LFW

I’m on the search for a photographer and a videographer who’d like to work with me to create some brilliant content at London Fashion Week with Oxford Fashion Studio on 17th February!

This will not be paid but travel will be provided!


  1. Evidence of prior videography/photography work
  2. Must be in the Oxfordshire or London area
  3. Own a good quality camera/ camera equipment
  4. Must be creative
  5. Be ready to work in a professional, high octane environment
  6. Be professional, helpful and kind
  7. Must be available all day

If you know anyone who’d be interested in this, please e-mail me on with your CV and evidence. The event will be held at Devonshire square in London. Timings will be further discussed on application.

I want to work with other young people who are trying to work hard and make it big in the industry. Let’s start the conversation, message me over on Instagram!

You have a week to show that you’re interested! (Until 4th February)

Thanks guys and I can’t wait to work, as I said previously, please e-mail me but if you are really interested, shoot me a message on Instagram ( @victoriousdarius ) and let’s get this ball rolling!


Victorious Everyday

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