You need to check them out! #IAmACheerleader

Everyone in this list is someone who I look up to and think they’re amazing. Not all of them are on here, it would have been 12 pages long if they were all on here. God bless every single one of them.

Here is an extended list of all of the beautiful people I mentioned in my video:

The Parents:

My Friends:

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Time files when You’re having fun 🗄🗂

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Check out @topman ❣️

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#Lamborghini #TGTF #Aventador

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Skrr skrrrt….🚲

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someone save me!! I’m floating away😱😂

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*extremely honest post* Not gonna lie this is the first year in my life (out of the 10 years I’ve been single) that I’ve actually TRULY been content being single, like really really content not just saying it because it’s the right thing to say. Two years ago I literally said with my mouth “I need a man to be happy” and I believed that with my whole heart. I said I’m only happy when I’m talking to someone. My bestie and sister tried to convince me but I wasn’t trying to hear it, I was like “It’s okay for you to say because you’ve both got a man” I didn’t want anyone to convince me that being single was okay, that it was a “great time to focus on yourself “ heck I’d been doing that for 8 years!! Can I just have a moment to be upset without being told how I should or should not be feeling?! Those feelings were real!!! But I’m not gonna lie that was the unhappiest and loneliest time of my life, looking back I’m cringing because I can’t imagine thinking like that right now. But it’s real and some of you are probably where I was at… The problem was I was simply tired of being alone, bringing home the bacon and frying it myself, not having anyone that supported my dreams and giving so much to other people and getting nothing back. I was beyond drained and I was draining myself even further by being so hard on myself. I didn’t truly understand self-love I really thought I did but when that lonely season hit me, it all went out of the window. In hindsight what that season has taught me is even though I want a man I don’t NEED a man, Nobody ever died from being single lol (debatable) But what I do NEED is Self Love and Gods love; Actually internalising how much God loves me and in turn being able to give myself the love, care and attention that I so desperately craved from others. Sorry for the long post, but it had to be said I’ve actually got an event on Tues 13th where I’ll be sharing more of my story (link in bio) but I wrote this to let you know that YOU ARE ENOUGH! People ask me all the time why are you still single? And my answer is simple: because I’m supposed to be. Gods timing is perfect 👌🏾 Photo taken at @rb_london Self Love event 💋

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hey what’s good facebook

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Make sure you go and follow them all. I do plan to add more to this list. If you are following me on Instagram, you’l be able to keep up with my #IAmACheerleader Highlight.

Move forward in love, be confident and become someone’s cheerleader today.


Victorious Everyday

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