Time to stand out – Men’s Prom Style

Men's Prom Style Inspiration

Prom is just around the corner and it’s time to adopt a new way of thinking.

Dare to be different!

(Disclaimer: All images used are linked to their original sources!)

Usually, for guys, Prom is the place where guys go to party in carbon copy suits… We’re in 2018! It’s time to adopt some real individuality with your prom looks!

It’s time to set some new rules – Like Dua Lipa – for prom style with individuality:

1. Add some colour

2. Stand out

3. Have fun!

Funday Blues

Blue is a brilliant alternative to black especially if you’re not confident with bright colours.

You could stick to a safe navy or be more adventurous with a cobalt or turquoise. The possibilities are endless.

This inspo picture comes from a brilliant creative called Marques. Make sure you go and check him out on the gram, this image was from his recent Moss Bros campaign… He’s just -casually – killing the game!

Marques in Moss Bros
Marques in his Moss Bros Prom 18 campaign.

Don’t buy for the singular event, buy for longevity. This way, you’ll have a piece that you can wear time and time again which will help to combat fast fashion and will help you to do your bit for the planet!

Silvers and Greys

Another alternative to black, can keep you classy and cool on the big night. It will also double as a great wedding or graduation suit. The addition of some red is always a good look too. A red tie, pocket hanky or a red rose… Or a dozen like Liam Boswell from down under!

Liam Boswell with Roses Taken by Jake O’Donnell

Lose the shirt

Before you jump to conclusions, this isn’t about going to prom topless – most schools frown upon that- this is about adding some street style to your prom look. Inspired by Gallucks, add a roll neck or track top under your blazer to put an urban touch to your look.

Colour it up

Asos, Topman and Moss Bros are treasure troves when it comes to Harry Styles-esque suits. These are for the guys who aren’t afraid to draw attention to themselves. Whether it’s block colour, patterned or metallic, the secret to rocking these suits is confidence!

Washed out but not washed up

Pastels and neutrals are subtle ways to add some colour into your prom wardrobe and they will also see you through for summer weddings or parties.

If you’ve been stuck for Prom inspo, I hope this blog post has helped you. More money saving tips and prom style to come over the next few days.

God bless


Victorious everyday

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