My Meeting with Tom De Toledo

Yesterday’s meeting with Thomas De Toledo at the Institute of Directors was an amazing experience. He is an extremely down to earth guy. Over the coming weeks, I will be writing more about him and his life because he is an inspiration.

Now to talk about the Shoes!

Meet Tom!

Thomas De Toledo

This down to earth, stylish and intelligent young man is the co-founder of custom made shoe company ÔSinguliers. As the name suggests, the company is all about uniqueness. Singulier translated into english means Singular – There’s a bit of GCSE french knowledge for you – just in case you didn’t know.

ÔSinguliers is the perfect mix between fashion and originality.

After seeing the amazing samples yesterday, it is safe to say that this quote is very true. Each shoe is so individual and can be tailored to every man’s personality or personal style. If you are quite simple and classic, there is a shoe for you. If you are a bit more adventurous with colours and prints, there is also a shoe for you too. ÔSinguliers has come at the right time, Men are beginning to take care of themselves more: getting waxed, going to salons and wearing that dreaded colour that relinquishes all masculinity – Pink. (I hope you got my sarcasm there.) The unique shoes that ÔSinguliers create are for the man who is bored of the same style and same colour of shoes, for the man who wants to add a little extra flair to his outfit. If that describes you, then you please continue to read and find out more about this outstanding company. If this doesn’t describe you, I am sure that ÔSinguliers can still provide you with a phenomenal shoe that will make your feet very happy.

Here are some of the samples:  

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As you can see from these pictures, There is a myriad of stylish shoes for any man. If this has intrigued you, check out the ÔSinguliers website, And as a special treat, Victoryforu Viewers can get 10% OFF when you type in the following code:DARIUS 

There will definately be more talk about ÔSinguliers on Victoryforu Fashion in the coming weeks so keep it locked here for some great fashion updates and news.


Victorious Everyday. 

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