As one ends, Another one begins!


It’s time to say Goodbye to NYFW and Prepare to say hello to LFW.

London Fashion Week begins on 16th September and I am sure there is going to be a plethora of style but, more importantly, on 18th September at Devonshire Square, Oxford Fashion Studio will be taking over London Fashion Week.


They have a fantastic line up that will completely blow your mind and I am so excited to say that I will be there. It’s going to be an amazing weekend. Check out the line up below:

Arrivals 4:30pm


Fit & Chic Activewear
Lights // Brazil
FB // Twitter // Instagram
Hailly London
SS17 // UK
FB // Twitter
Fall/ Winter 2016/2017 // Norway
FB // Instagram
Vjera Vilicnik
Sequence 17 // UK
FB // Instagram
John Herrera
Amaya // Philippines
FB // Twitter // Instagram

Arrivals 6:30pm

April Banbury
Pretty Love // UK
FB // Twitter // Instagram
Inês de LuCa
Dominus // France
Ot Kutyr Fashion
SS17 // Saudi Arabia
FB // Twitter // Instagram
Ivan Midzic
midzo2016 // Croatia
Kraken Counter Couture
Homage To Catoflauge // UK
FB // Twitter // Instagram

Come to the heart of British Fashion to see this amazing show, Get your tickets HERE before it is too late!


Victorious Everyday

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