The Ups, The Downs and the round and round – Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week is over and it certainly was everything and more than it claims to be. However, there were a few fashion faux pas that put a damper on the event and created a lot of backlash on social media. But let’s have a little look back at what went on:

There were a multitude of brilliant designers at Milan Fashion Week ranging from Gucci, Versace, Fendi and Moschino. However, Philipp Plein’s show on 21st September at 9pm caused some uproar as his collection was called “Alice In GhettoLand.”

Usually, I am absolutely in awe of what Philipp Plein does, especially with his Autumn 2016 Menswear Collection featuring the Fantastic River Viiperi.


However, the “Alice in GhettoLand” collection didn’t quite have the same vibe. With the name “Ghetto Land” it caused a lot of questions within the Black Community. The word “Ghetto” implies and has connotations towards the global black community. Therefore is has been seen as offensive and insensitive towards the death of many black people at the hands of police brutality.

Personally, I don’t think Philipp Plein’s intention was to offend the black community. However, the name of the collection along with the gnome called “pimp” was insensitive. Without these components, I don’t feel that anyone would have had an issue with the collection or the design of the runway. I personally liked this collection apart from the name and some of the set design. 

This, along with Marc Jacobs faux dreads drama, has caused friction within the fashion industry and I don’t believe they’ll be the last designers to do so either. 

Aside from this and Gigi Hadid’s Paparazzi ‘encounter’, Milan Fashion Week was a successful event.

Paris Fashion Week has already begun and I’m excited for this next Fashion Week round up when we can talk a lot the Brilliance of Balmain, the Ladies of Lanvin and the sensational streetstyle as well.


Victorious Everyday. 

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