New Year’s Eve Style from the guys

Fix up, Look sharp fellas!

Whether you want to be suited and booted or casually turnt this New Year’s eve, I have some affordable style tips for you.

New Year’s eve is a great fashionable event however it is commonly a wasteful season in regard to clothes.

Personally, I find it quite diabolical that we have this throwaway mentality so I want to show you how your NYE attire can work throughout the year and also to have a more cost-effective new year.

Look 1: Spot colour



Inspired by my best friend Ryan, Spot colour is a simple way of implementing more colour into your New Year wardrobe. Now, you don’t need to be as formal as him to make this look work but you do have to have conviction.

Spot colour looks can be simple and extremely versatile. The base colour for this look is black – A colour that everyone is comfortable with. Grab a black T-shirt of any cut (Longline, Scoop Neck, Crew neck etc.) and any plain black shoes or trainers. Add the belted faux leather sleeveless moto jacket on top and the look is complete… Well, almost. A commonly overlooked part of a guys outfit is the trousers. We usually just stick with plain black or navy but I want to show you how to mix it up a bit without “losing your masculinity.”

I hope you got that sarcasm there!

By choosing any pair of the trousers above can create a completely unique look any of which could work for the New Year celebrations. The red trouser will make it very fun a great choice for hanging with your mates. The grey and navy trouser is quite formal and really does stand out will work great with a shirt and tie for a wedding. The black broken check trouser is subtle for those who are anxious about huge amounts of colour but still want a memorable outfit for all of the right reasons.

Look 2: Be bold, Be bright, Be Brilliant!

This is for all of the guys who are afraid of the fashionable phenomenon called… Colour.

Don’t fear it, Embrace it.

Get a statement jacket!

Your outfit underneath could be your uniform All black/white outfit (Long-line Tee, distressed jeans) but the simple addition of any of the following jackets could transform a cool street style outfit into an urban masterpiece:

Stay safe this New Year and I hope that you have been inspired by this!


Victorious Everyday

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