Men’s Fashion : The Good, The Bad & The Weird

The Men’s Fashion Season has been on a pause until NYC today so I thought I would take the opportunity to talk about the best, worst and weirdest offerings on the runways and on the streets. As always, This will be mainly positive, as IIsuperwomanII says, “Promote what you love, don’t bash what you hate!”

Disclaimer: All images without my logo have been found on social media or on fashion websites. I do not own the rights.

This is going to be the biggest section because there was a lot to admire about the Men’s fashion season so far. From all Asian casting at Kenzo, Balmain Monochromatic genius and London Street Style, we have a lot to get through so I hope you enjoy!

Vogue Runway pretty perfectly depicted some of the coolest street style trends which I am sure will be dominating our computer and phone screens with the bloggers and vloggers we know and love.

One of my favourite street style trends is the white out trend and it is one that has really been working for me of late. But enough about me, let’s talk about London:


With a jam-packed schedule featuring Formal Friday, Bobby Abley, KTZ, Oliver Spencer, Belstaff and Daniel W. Patrick

As discussed in my #MCM blog post a couple of weeks back, These were some of the highlights for me.  Especially to see my friend Ricardo Dines slaying it in Daniel W. Patrick:

I am so genuinely proud of him and all of the rest of the Daniel W. Fletcher Boys (pictured above)

Bobby Abley also impressed me on the 20th Anniversary of the Teletubbies, one of my favourite childhood shows. Did I like everything in the show? Of course not! But were there some cool pieces? Yes Indeed!

Some will be featuring in the weird section a bit later.

I liked this collaboration but didn’t like how they tried to make a children’s TV show ‘adult’, decipher that as you may.

Belstaff came with clean lines and rugged looks with a biker inspired collection that looks extremely wearable throughout the whole year which I loved.

Another stand out was What We Wear by Tinie Tempah!

B-ball and brand new athleisure brought by WWW to show the durability and wearability of the clothes was an inspired idea!

The London Streetstyle was insane!

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What a beautiful day for @londonfashionweek!

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I feel that London and places like Camden are renowned for being extravagant and being unapologetically unique.

And to finish London, some of my favourite other styles that you may see featured on my Instagram very soon.

Pitti Uomo

I think that wth Pitti they are usually quite traditional. Well as traditional as innovative fashion shows can be. From the outside looking in, it seems very structured in planning and in the styles created as well.

Concept Korea, Lucio Vannot & Carlo Volpi were some of my favourites.

With most of the other fashion weeks, I enjoyed the big names like Kenzo, Versace, BALMAIN (Check my Insta) Dolce & Gabbana etc. You get the picture!

More of my favourites will be found on my Instagram. Now for the Bad! It’ll be short I promise!

I think the one thing I didn’t like was the below outfit from Thom Browne:

Just my personal preference, but this collection just wasn’t a favourite.  This look especially just didn’t float my boat like his collections usually do. However, a designer’s job is to experiment.

As I explained above, I loved the Bobby Abley show, however there was one thing which kinda just weirded me out a little…

Personally, I just feel like this has ruined the Teletubbies for me slightly 😂 but all the proceeds are going to refugees so I am fine with it. I can never look at Tinky Winky in the same way again 😂

I know this has been a long read, but I hope you have enjoyed this. Worked really hard on the new graphics so I hope you enjoy that too!

NYC starts today so join me on Instagram for more Men’s Fashion Highlights and general fashion news!

God Bless


Victorious Everyday

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