2 Transitional looks that you can recreate!

British Summertime is almost coming to an end. Do you remember the sun? ­čî×

Here are two summer transitional looks that I put together that are really easy to recreate and to make your own.

Make sure you watch the full style file below to cast your vote for which outfit you like best, 1 or 2?

Look 1: Cool Toned Soldier

As you can tell, I like to give each look a name…­čśé

Disclaimer: Most of the products I am wearing are no longer on sale, hence why I am giving alternatives!

Sleeveless shirt: Forever 21

Jacket: Burton

Jeans: George

Shoes: Electric Styles

I want to show you how to recreate this look to fit your style:

This shirt from Forever 21 is a great place to start, it’s distressed (Loving this trend) and a similar colour to my sleeveless one above.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whether it’s cold or not, be equipped with the right kind of jacket. The wool-blend Overcoat will work perfectly for those colder autumnal days. The cream Ruched Sleeved Bomber Jacket will work brilliantly for the moderate days like the one I am wearing from Burton. The Quilted Moto Jacket will work for the days that feel more summery.

For the jeans, find a pair that fit you well. I will have to do a whole section of my blog dedicated to my jean/trouser dilemmas. Believe me, there’s a lot!

Look 2 – Monochrome Colourpop

T-shirt: Boohoo Man

Jacket and Joggers: Forever 21

Superstars: Adidas

If a silver jacket isn’t for you, why not try grey or greyscale to get a similar effect?

The secret to this look is… well there is no secret!

Just keep everything grey scale apart from one piece (shoes work best) et voila! Outfit complete.

Hope you have enjoyed this blog post and the accompanying video. Don’t forget to vote!


Victorious Everyday

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