Some of my favourite fashion moments of 2015.
But let’s focus in on 13
Doesn’t she look gorgeous?!

#NYE #Victoryforu2015 Be Victorious Everyday.

9 – Game Changers

I guess that’s an appropriate name for a fantastic group of people.

The fabulous Misty Copeland becoming the first black ballerina. Zendaya getting her own Barbie commissioned in spite of racial slurs. Ebony magazine putting out thus potent image to show that Ferguson, police brutality will not weaken us as people.

And probably my favourite one of all, the images in the top left. After posting this a few months ago, I got quite a bit of unnecessary racial hate. I will not repeat what they said because I don’t want anymore idiocy on my blog. Whilst this was happening, someone defended me which I was truly grateful for. I believe their username was ‘historylover16’ but I could be wrong. I just want to publicly say thank you to whoever it was. #Victoryforu2015 #NYE
Be Victorious Everyday.

Dance Cares : Dance Cares was amazing. I got to work with some great young dancers and some lovely people.

Also please continue to donate to get Hana to Ghana through the link above. #GetHana2Ghana
#Victoryforu2015 #NYE
Be Victorious Everyday.

My family
You guys make me so happy. Mum and Dad you are awesome. I love you always even when you’re asking me to do chores đŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚
To my aunties and uncles, that you feel being there for me and joking with me. And also for giving me my cousins. I may not see you guys all the time but I have some serious love for you.
To grandparents, I love you so so much. To the rest of my extended family, I hope to meet you in 2016. #NYE Love you all! #Victoryforu2015
Be Victorious Everyday.

Number 6
Miracles of 2015

Okay so I blogged about Deante Law’s Son Dorian a few days ago. The link to it is below.


I’m still really happy about this along with all of the other miracles of 2015. Yes, there have been a multitude of heartaches and pain but guys, Dorian, who couldn’t hear and didn’t speak prior to the operation, is now speaking and can hear. If that’s not something to thank God for, I don’t know what is. Let’s all be more grateful and positive in 2016. There’s already enough bad news, let’s spread some positivity. #Victoryforu2015 #NYE Be Victorious Everyday.

Number 5
Encounter 2015
Such a brilliant experience, met so many lovely people, hopefully friends for life. It’s the first time I’ve really felt free in a church setting like that. Loved every second. Hope to see you all again next year. God bless! #Victoryforu2015 #NYE Be Victorious Everyday.

Number 4. For the brilliant lovely beautiful I feel blessed to call my friends. You are all treasures and blessings to me. I believe God put you in my life for a reason. I’m grateful for all you’ve done, made me laugh, made me cry, allowed me to use you as a dress up doll. For being with me through misery, depression and low times. And thank you for rejoicing with me in the good times.
Love you all! If you’re not tagged, I apologise. Please forgive me. #NYE #Victoryforu2015 Be Victorious Everyday.

Number three. I was happy when these three collaborated. CALM has become more needed now than ever before. Men, please speak to someone. I’m proud that male influential companies have got behind CALM
Hope more and more people are helped by CALM
God bless you.
#Victoryforu2015 #NYE Be Victorious Everyday.

Secondly, I went to two awesome weddings this year.
My Cousin Matthew and Wife Alex (Bottom left) and Family friends Paul and Ashley (Top Right) tied the knot. Both days were equally as beautiful and equally as hot.
Going to weddings always makes me feel happy and bubbly inside, so I needed outfits to match accordingly. I hope your marriages grow stronger and stronger and that God will draw you closer.
Love you all! #Victoryforu2015 #NYE Be Victorious Everyday.

Over the next few posts, I’ll be reminiscing on 2015 and all of my favourite moments. Some will be Fashion related, Some will be personal to me and Some will have been seen by the world.

Each will have a number on it and none are in a particular order of preference. I hope you enjoy Victoryforu’s 15 Favourite moments of 2015.
#Victoryforu2015 #NYE Be Victorious Everyday.