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・・・Cr7 Footwear @cr7_footwear @cristiano | Cristiano’s shoes look so much better than I was expecting them to. They are very classy and modern and could accompany a strong masculine autumnal look. #VictoryforuFashion #StyleSunday Be Victorious Everyday.

Today’s outfit was two things : Blue and Silver! This was a great outfit for church and fantastic for a dinner party too. I’ve had a fantastic day shining in my silver. I really do love my silver faux leather jacket. Here’s a run down of the outfit :
Studded snapback – Aliexpress
Studded collar denim shirt – @topman
Silver faux leather jacket – @forever21
Navy trousers – @nextofficial
And navy high tops that you can’t see – @voijeansco
God bless you. Keep on shining and keep on smiling! #VictoryforuFashion #StyleSunday Be Victorious Everyday.

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・・・Love under the sun ☀️🙏🏻| Espe and Seb of @twotrends are ridiculously cute together. Their smiles and the love in their eyes is so enriching to see. Espe, I love your dress, red is a great colour on you. And Seb, I love the subtle pink shirt. I need to invest in one myself. Great outfits guys. #VictoryforuFashion #StyleSunday Be Victorious Everyday.

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・・・I’m always looking for balance… | This is the balance that I need but don’t have. I like my cupcakes and other unhealthy food groups 😂 but I know that I need to make a change for more reasons than my expanding waistline – which isn’t pleasant btw! I need to find some motivation from somewhere and thank you to @tiadmowry for being the catalyst for me to try to be healthier. Let’s do this!
Tomorrow #MenswearMonday should be enjoyable so I hope you – well – enjoy. Good night all, sweet dreams. #VictoryforuFashion #StyleSunday

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・・・"I strongly believe that women nowadays search for dresses that match theirs personalities as also dresses made to be pieces of art, with unique cuts and bold textures, so that’s what I do" // @maiaratiu , designer of a small fashion company made in Romania. The women who enjoy the designs of Maia are independent with a strong style of sophistication.
Discover her last amazing collection at our Paris Show, tickets are available now here
#OFStakeoverPARIS | Great bright style from @maiaratiu for @oxfordfashionstudio’s Paris Collections. I’m sure it will be astounding! #Fashionblogger #StyleSunday Be Victorious Everyday.

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・・・The bucket hat got an elevated refresh on the Spring/Summer @jilsanderpr runway. #MFW | In my opinion there is no way a bucket hat can elevate your look. I think they look horrible. I know there are people other there who love bucket hats but for me, they are an absolute no no. Sorry. #VictoryforuFashion #StyleSunday Be Victorious Everyday.

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・・・Step aside: @gigihadid brought her signature power and grace to tonight’s @versace_official Spring/Summer ‘16 runway. #MFW | Gigi looking great for Versace at Milan Fashion Week. Sorry for the lack of MFW updates. I will try and make up for it in the next few posts. #VictoryforuFashion #StyleSunday Be Victorious Everyday.