Victoria’s Secret got me questioning…

Cosmopolitan released an article yesterday entitled, “What can’t Victoria’s Secret stop designing racist lingerie?” which got me thinking.

The fashion industry has come so far even though it hasn’t changed much at all. Yes, it was a triumph to see  three beautiful black women slaying the runway with their natural hair, Maria Borges, Jourdana Elizabeth and Herieth Paul. But Cultural appropriation is still rife within the industry.


The start of the show began with a beautiful array of multi-culturalism. Or at least that is what you were lead to believe. The designs were clearly appropriated from Chinese, Peruvian and Mexican design. I think these designs would have been more acceptable on the Chinese or Latin-American Models. At least then it would be more of an ode to their country like Maria Borges outfit:

As beautiful and as progressive as the show was, there are still parts that were offensive to other cultures. After going to Oxford Fashion Studio’s Panel Talk about Cultural Appropriation in October, I feel a clear passion for this. I feel that it should be the duty of all of us to combat this: The designers, The consumer, The Models etc.

Now to end this post on a more positive note, let’s have a little look at the finale of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016.


Victorious Everyday


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