Men’s Fashion Week Favourites

This season of Men’s fashion weeks have almost come to an end – with New York to come from 30th January- 2nd February – so I wanted to have a look back at the best moments of Mens Fashion from this season.

Topman Design


With 90’s inspired pieces, Topman Design brought us a brilliant way to dress for the upcoming summer festivals with neon rain macs and athleisure.

Dolce and Gabbana


The fashion show of the future. Alongside Dolce and Gabbana’s Millenials campaign, In Milan they had the same Millenials walk in the show. The outfits they wore were fabulous!


Balmain is one of those shows that I always – without fail – anticipate. Olivier Rousteing always out does himself every season and this season is no exception.

There have been so many amazing moments that would take forever to write about them all.  So I decided to put them all in a Pinterest board for you to look at and admire them as much as I do.


Victorious Everyday


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