#MCM : Victoryforu LFWM Favourites

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In this context, MCM means Menswear Crush Monday. It’s a bit more of a mouthful to say so I thought MCM would be easier. Enjoy! Oh and also it’s not a Monday… just go with it!

As soon as LFWM started, it’s been jam-packed full of high-octane and innovative male fashion. But the style is not limited to the runway, it spills out into the streets making the men of London some of the most fashionable on the planet.

From the 9th -12th of June, London showed some truly amazing designs. What We Wear, Topman Design, Formal Friday, Astrid Andersen, Daniel W. Fletcher, Songzio and the list goes on and on. As well as the new fashion talent being introduced, the new modelling talent were also introduced.

The 5th Anniversary did not disappoint: The parties did not stop with the opening party on Thursday, One for the Boys gala, Blood Brother after party and ending off with the ASOS Menswear closing party and GQ Dinner.

This blog will be about all of my favourite fashion moments from the runways, the presentations and the streets.

As you have probably seen from my Instagram, I have really enjoyed this season. But needless to say, there were some weird ones. Teletubbies (which were so nostalgic) from Bobby Abley, a circus from Vivienne Westwood and a teddy bear.

The weird and wonderful graced the runways,  presentations and streets. Some of my favourite presentations are below:

Daniel W Fletcher’s work is politically motivated and perfectly received. No more to austerity! Let’s enjoy the life we have.

The fabulous Finnish brand Formal Friday showcase at this seasons LFWM and they certainly made an impact. They have a brilliant selection of amazing versatile pieces.

As said in the video, it is truly hard to believe that LFWM has only been going for 5 years. So many iconic and fantastic designs have come out of London. We are blessed to have this talent right on our doorstep.

Now to talk about my “Ones to watch”

Ricardo Dines (Premier Models) blew us all away in Daniel W Fletcher.

With handsome features and engaging eyes, Ricardo is a force to be reckoned with and definitely someone to look out for in the near future.

Zong is also another one to watch. His lovely complexion against some quite avant-garde designs are a perfect match. But he can also pretty much wear anything and look amazing.

There are so many other models that I think are amazing that will all be featured on my Instagram very soon.


And lastly, my favourite newcomer (even though he was here last season) is Tinie Tempah and his brand What We Wear.

This brand excites me and I really would wear most, if not all of the collection. Also, the presentation was just inspired. Big Up to Tinie! Even Stormzy liked it.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope that it has caught you up on anything you may have missed.

I will be posting for most of this week about Menswear on my Instagram starting with my favourite street style moments from LFWM.

God Bless

Next stop: Pitti Uomo


Victorious Everyday

Throwback to LFWM January 2017

As it is only 10 days until London Fashion Week Mens, I thought I would recap what happened last season!

I enjoy the way that menswear is changing and is getting brighter and more innovative. I am all for this change. I hope to see more of that in the next 10 days and throughout the whole of this Menswear season from June – July.


Victorious Everyday

Men’s Fashion Week Favourites

This season of Men’s fashion weeks have almost come to an end – with New York to come from 30th January- 2nd February – so I wanted to have a look back at the best moments of Mens Fashion from this season.

Topman Design


With 90’s inspired pieces, Topman Design brought us a brilliant way to dress for the upcoming summer festivals with neon rain macs and athleisure.

Dolce and Gabbana


The fashion show of the future. Alongside Dolce and Gabbana’s Millenials campaign, In Milan they had the same Millenials walk in the show. The outfits they wore were fabulous!


Balmain is one of those shows that I always – without fail – anticipate. Olivier Rousteing always out does himself every season and this season is no exception.

There have been so many amazing moments that would take forever to write about them all.  So I decided to put them all in a Pinterest board for you to look at and admire them as much as I do.


Victorious Everyday


Congratulations Boys – Go and Kill it in Milan!

Internet Superstar Cameron Dallas, Menswear Vlogger extraordinaire, Jim Chapman and YouTube funny man, Marcus Butler will all be walking in tomorrow’s Dolce and Gabbana show.

This is a HUGE deal!

This fantastic trio will be walking alongside some of the Male Supermodels who are ruling the scene. If you haven’t at least heard of their names, you definitely will do by tomorrow!


This is by far my favourite picture of Cameron. The blue light along with the sensational suit is a perfect combination. Also, Congratulations to Cameron Dallas for Chasing Cameron!


Victorious Everyday


London fashion week Men’s recap and highlights  

So London Fashion Week Men’s is over – I know I a few days behind, I didn’t realise how much Jet Lag would affect me. Obviously, I did not enjoy every last piece shown at LFWM, however, I enjoyed the way that menswear is changing and is getting brighter and more innovative.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Next up is Milano Moda Uomo FW 17/18 (Milan Fashion Week Men’s) starts today on 13th January through till Tuesday 17th January showcasing more of the best in men’s fashion.


Victorious Everyday

Tomorrow is the launch of #KenzoXHM

The following site is where you want to be going to purchase this awesome collection online.


Make sure you check your bank balance though as this collection does not come cheap and rightfully so. I have seen some amazing pieces that I would wear ranging from £14.99 – £139.99.



These are definitely my favourite male pieces!


Victorious Everyday

London Fashion Week Videos

Disclaimer: All videos found on Youtube – I do not own them!


When London Opened, it opened with an explosion of creativity. I will not lie, not everything was beautiful, unique or artistic in my eyes but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Please accept my opinions for what they are opinions and please feel free to share your thoughts below as well.

On day one, nothing really grabbed my attention. The designs were nice and there is no denying that, it just wasn’t something that interested me even though I appreciate the time, effort and technique that went into creating these designs.

Day two, for me, is when it all began to get interesting. My favourite designers were Julien Macdonald, Versus Versace and Gareth Pugh. Some of their designs will be featuring later on in my Victoryforu Picks segment.

Day three! The brilliant design of the runway for Anya Hindmarsh’s show was inspired. Topshop Unique has truly done it again creating something that is wearable and still very runway appropriate.  Definitely my favourite day.

Day four had some amazing designers. Huishan Zhang, Burberry and Sophia Webster. I loved the shoes so much!

And finally day five, A brilliant way to end a great fashion week.


Victorious Everyday

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Congratulations to the AWESOME John Boyega on his BAFTA win.

He is a brilliant representation that BLACK BOYS CAN and Black Boys are capable of much more than having sex with multiple women, selling drugs and being criminals. We are not the stereotypes you have given to us. We are Leaders, Actors, Singers, Politicians, Doctors. We are much more than meets the eye. Get to know us before you judge us!

Calling all teenage boys (predominantly) and middle age men who dress like this. It is truly disappointing that wearing colour seems to ‘unmanly’ but I’m here to assure you that it’s not.
You can simply slip colour into outfit. Whether it’s red @adidasoriginals superstars along with an all black outfit. Or a Bright Blue polo shirt with black jeans. See how a few simple adjustments can make your outfits have some colour and still maintain looking manly without looking boring and mundane.| That was my fashion rant for the day. I’ve seen way to many of the same outfit in the last month. Hope you’re all having a nice Sunday Evening. #Godblessyou #styleblog #StyleSunday #VictoryforuFashion #VictoryforuInspiration #Menswear #styleideas #GodLovesYou #Fashionblogger #Victoryforu #VictoriousEveryday