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When London Opened, it opened with an explosion of creativity. I will not lie, not everything was beautiful, unique or artistic in my eyes but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Please accept my opinions for what they are opinions and please feel free to share your thoughts below as well.

On day one, nothing really grabbed my attention. The designs were nice and there is no denying that, it just wasn’t something that interested me even though I appreciate the time, effort and technique that went into creating these designs.

Day two, for me, is when it all began to get interesting. My favourite designers were Julien Macdonald, Versus Versace and Gareth Pugh. Some of their designs will be featuring later on in my Victoryforu Picks segment.

Day three! The brilliant design of the runway for Anya Hindmarsh’s show was inspired. Topshop Unique has truly done it again creating something that is wearable and still very runway appropriate.  Definitely my favourite day.

Day four had some amazing designers. Huishan Zhang, Burberry and Sophia Webster. I loved the shoes so much!

And finally day five, A brilliant way to end a great fashion week.


Victorious Everyday

Oxford Fashion Week – Interview with OFS blogger, Kelly Ayers of Ribbon and Dot

Kelly Ayers was in charge of all of the lovely blog posts
that were displayed on the Oxford Fashion Studio blog and I thought that I’d do
an interview with her to pick her brains about the beauty of the bloggersphere:

What interested you
about becoming a fashion blogger?

So, A few years ago, I had a quite boring industrial style
job. And I decide that straight after university that I wanted to move out with
my husband, well my boyfriend at the time, so we just got the first job we
could get and earn money. I felt very uninspired and that’s how it started, I
needed something to let out my fashionable side, I guess, and have a little bit
more inspiration so it just started, I guess I was just bored and it just
seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I love clothes, I love shopping
and it was really unhealthy for me. So I started then, it was very much
lifestyle blogging. And over about a year or two years, it became very obvious
to me that I was very high end and I was more interested in runway fashion. I
am more of a Vogue girl than a Grazia girl, that kind of thing. So yeah, that’s
how it started.

What advice would you
give to young up and coming Fashion bloggers?

Be really hard working. It’s as easy as that. Make sure you
take inspiration from everything, don’t ever close your mind off, don’t have a
specific time of day that you blog, just think about it all the time. Be very,
I guess hard working is the wrong thing to say but there are so many bloggers
out there, it’s so competitive. You’ve just got to go for it and we’re all kind
of writing about the same thing, so the only way you’re gonna stand out is a
really good work ethic, if you work really hard and hopefully you’ll get somewhere,

I am quite inspired by
that, and lastly who and what are you wearing, as it looks awesome?

So, my dress is from River Island, it’s super old but I
really like it. This is a men’s T-shirt, I wear a lot of men’s clothing, I
prefer, it’s more comfortable. I work for Gap so my style’s quite androgynous
but very simple and classic. My boots are H&M and Bag is Russell and

It was great to interview Kelly, she is a very lovely person
who really knows her stuff. It was brilliant to be with another blogger and be
able to ask questions in such an informal setting. Check out her beautiful blog here.


Victorious Everyday

The first month has gone

The first month has gone

We’re finishing the first month of 2016. I hope this year has been a blessing so far.
What ways do you feel that you have been blessed this year? And how do you feel you can bless other throughout the rest of 2016?
Let me know below.
Victorious Everyday

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