London Fashion Week Round-up 

London Fashion Week was an absolutely amazing event with the glitter of Ashish, the contrast of Versus Versace and the artistry of Julien Macdonald.

I am going to show you my favourites from the week and I hope you enjoy it.

In one of the biggest celebrations of fashion and style, disability and diversity were celebrated in the Teatum Jones show which kicked London Fashion Week off.

The Dynamic Duo, Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones.
The Dynamic Duo, Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones.

Two disabled Models were cast in this show which became big news as things like this are a rarity to show disabled people in a positive light. Models Jack Eyers (Who was the first ever disabled Male to walk in New York Fashion Week) and Kelly Knox commanded the runway in spite of the disabilities they have. This made national and international news in The Telegraph, Huffington Post and The Guardian.

Kelly Knox
Kelly Knox
Jack Eyers
Jack Eyers

This collection from Teatum Jones used a dark palette of blacks, greys and navies which were highlighted by deep and fruity reds and mechanical silvers. This palette put into oversized knitwear and Jackets, mid-length dressed and masculine tailoring made for an extremely wearable collection that could easily be worn on the high street without too many peculiar looks.

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The seed of the idea came last year after meeting people in the para-athletics community, said designer Cat Teatum. “Able and disabled bodied people don’t have different desires when it comes to fashion. They want great textiles, interesting shapes. Kelly and Jack are dressed in the collection like the other models. We’ve just had conversations with them about how to adapt their clothing. The overriding message is that we’re all the same.”

– Quote Taken from The Telegraph

Romantic Fantasy is a recurring theme which the next Designer, Ryan Lo. Hong Kong-born, Lo keeps his designs completely authentic to his background and this collection was no exception.

Ryan Lo is one of us! He too learns things through Youtube Tutorials and in fact this is how he learned how to knit. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with!

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In complete contrast to Teatum Jones, the palette is light, airy and dreamy. With the accentuated colourful pigtails, his designs look they have come right of a romantic graphic novel drawn in an anime/manga style.

One of my favourite designs ever is up next – Julien Macdonald!

With a palette of Red, Black, White and Silver, Macdonald creates yet another sensational collection that you can tell belongs to him due to the sheer artistry of each garment.


So many of these garments scream red carpet, celebrity and award show. This outfit above worn by Grace Bol would look perfect as a performance outfit for JLo, Beyoncé or Shakira.

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One to Watch according to the British Fashion Council: Halpern!

Michael Halpern was born and bred in New York but has lived between London, Paris and America for the last 5 years. He has worked for Oscar De La Renta and J Mendel and then decided to embark on his own fashion journey.

It is safe to say that Halpern’s collection has a lot of drama and each piece is breathtaking.

Vibrant colours and prints mixed with sequins makes for an intricate style that may not work for everyone but is definitely there for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Even Vogue named it one of the top 10 shows of London Fashion Week which is a huge honour.

Versus Versace is up next and they certainly did not disappoint!

Youtubers Roxxsaurus and MakeupbyLeyla were invited to the Versus show and they loved it.

And here’s part of the fabulous Collection that has sport luxe vibes running throughout the whole collection.

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And Finally Ashish! There are so many other brands that I loved from this Season but I tried my best to whittle it down to my absolute favourites.

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Ashish was Glitter personified. The Mexican-wrestler inspired makeup was an interesting choice and I appreciated the inspirational quotes on some of the garments. I didn’t love everything, as you may expect, simply because there was an overload of glitter and no contrast of texture which I was slightly disappointed with. However, as individual pieces, I think this is really cool.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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