Monochromatic Layering – Victoryforu Style Files

I know I have been absent for a while going to events and editing videos but I am back with a new post for you all.

Cast your minds back to when I went to my old secondary school, Do you remember the outfit I wore?

Not completely…

Well here’s a breif reminder!

I will be showing the full look and how you can get this look.

My inspiration behind this outfit was the layering trend and was heavily influenced by the 90’s with the dungarees. The Shirt and T-shirt layering comination was so outside of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed wearing this look. It is comfortable yet still so stylish.

My top tips for Shirt and T-shirt layering is to make sure the shirt is tucked in and the t-shirt is untucked. This creates a more cohesive and clean look. As you may know, from being a Victoryforu Reader, I love to mix formality and street style in different combinations.


I hope you enjoy the video above. Thank you to Ryan O’connor for being my Videographer for the day!


Victorious Everyday

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