About Last night : Brit Awards!

Last night was the biggest night in British Music, or at least that’s what we’re always lead to believe.

Most year’s watching the Brits, I leave feeling underwhelmed at the winners but this year, I feel that a few better artists won awards such as Emili Sandé, Beyoncé and Rag’n’Bone Man.

The best performances of the evening (In my opinion) were Bruno Mars (Vocally the best performance – Sexual references), Ed Sheeran and Stormzy (Ngl, I dropped my phone when Stormzy came out) and Emili Sandé.

No one else’s performance even came close to theirs. Yes, the Chris Martin Tribute to George Michael was emotional and moving, and Yes, The Coldplay and Chainsmokers collaboration was a surprise but not as surprising as Stormzy and Ed Sheeran – considering I dropped my phone, it is still alive though, thanks for your concern!

So let’s get down to the Fashion!

@Maisie_williams // 🎥 @maryamccartney for #BRITs

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@elliegoulding // 🎥 @maryamccartney for #BRITs

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@littlemix // 🎥 @maryamccartney for #BRITs

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My main stipulation with Little Mix’s outfits is this, Perrie and Leanne’s Conical bra bodices are not flattering at all. If these were replaced then I think the outfits would have been better.

And also why did Perrie change when they won their award?

@fearnecotton // 🎥 @maryamccartney for #BRITs

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Simply fabulous from Fearne Cotton!

Holly adorned in Sparkles!

@emelisande // 🎥 @maryamccartney for #BRITs

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@thechainsmokers // 🎥 @maryamccartney for #BRITs

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I hope you enjoyed the brits and if you didn’t there is always something good to laugh at like the house falling off stage during Katy Perry’s performance. Missed it? Well, here you go, I’ve got you covered!

Have a blessed day!


Victorious Everyday


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