My Honest Review: Quick Fix Facials

I have been using Quick Fix Facials for about 2-3 months and I have to say I am very impressed. I have very problematic skin (As I have discussed on Victoryforu) so to find something that worked for my skin was extremely helpful.

These three are my personal favourites and are the ones that are almost finished – deffo need to reorder soon. I also love the Overnight Miracle Mask which smells divine!

Calming Clay Mask – I used this on my problematic areas around my mouth and nose which are the most sensitive.

Collagen Lift Mask – Perfect to use a night before a big event, this is actually what I used to get ready for the Oxford Fashion Studio shows in London.

Mega Moisture Mask – I used this over the problematic areas as well which helped to replenish the moisture lost after a long day.

As I have mentioned before, my skin is one of my biggest insecurities. To find something natural, cruelty-free and affordable that actually helps my skin to look better is so good. I highly recommend purchasing Quick Fix Facials especially if you’re a teen on a budget like me.

I also recommend multi-masking, especially if you have combination skin like me. My current situation is Exfoliating Scrub on my nose and forehead,  Collagen Lift on my cheeks, Anti-blemish Mud under my eyes and Mega Moisture everywhere else.

Is my skin perfect? Not by any means. But I have noticed a glow that wasn’t on my skin before. My biggest recommendation for using the Facials is finding an exfoliating sponge to open your pores before use and to wash it off after use. It really helped to produce a better result for me.

There isn’t a product in this range that I wouldn’t recommend. There is truly something for everyone! Make sure you check Quick Fix Facials out now. Free UK delivery when you spend over £10 and each Facial is £4.99… I don’t think I need to persuade you anymore 😂😂😂

Just go get it!


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I haven’t posted about him for a while. Why? I’m unsure really. Guess I was tryna find the perfect photo of him but there are always too many. I hope your success levels keep raising. I also hope that, one day, the gym can chisel my body into something similar to yours. But that’s for another blog post! 😂 Rob is one of my favourite male models! I want him to be very successful. God bless you man. I hope you all sleep well! #Godbless #GodLovesYou #sleepwell #robjamesevans #malemodel #SuperMaleModel #AwesomeLook #leopardprint #blackmenareimportant #blackmenwithgreatstyle #blacklivesmatter #GodHasAPlanForYou #success #antmcycle20 #booch #tooch #goodnight #VictoryforuFashion #VictoryforuSummer #gym #body #fitness #health #personaltrainer #amazingbody #Victoryforu #SweetDreams #VictoriousEveryday