My Oxford Fashion Week Bloggers Party Experience

Oxford Fashion Studio put on yet another great season in New York, London, Paris and Oxford. If you weren’t there, you truly missed out on an unforgettable experience.

On 19th October 2016 at The House Bar, I presented Three looks at the Oxford Fashion Week’s Bloggers Party. It truly was a celebration of the new Generation of bloggers featuring Nateisha Monique, Delilah Elise and I.

Look 1 – Shaunna

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Shaunna’s look was a different take on the concept of an LBD – Little Black Dress. With the addition of the thick hooded black coat, The black dress could be worn to work as a piece of work wear. However, when you add the Rainbow and Spoon Black, White and Pink fur gilet, it makes it a playful outfit to be worn in the evening. I wanted this look to be wearable from day to night with only a slight change in makeup to make that transition.

This look is extremely easy to recreate, Just head to the Rainbow and Spoon Boutique 22 Park End Street , Oxford, OX1 1HU for more gems like this.

Look 2 – Sebastian

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Sebastian’s look was heavily inspired by my personal style and the Metallic and Camouflage trends.  The majority of this outfit is from Forever 21 Men, somewhere that I shop regularly.  As you may know from my Instagram and Snapchat, I love wearing oversized and longline clothes because I think it gives a really interesting and urban silhouette.

The base of this look is an Extreme Longline Crew Neck T-Shirt from Boohoo Man, it is a versatile piece that can be worn with pretty much anything. Layering the Sleeveless Fitted Utility shirt from Forever 21 on top of the T-shirt adds dimension and I decided to only do up the top button and leave it open to create diagonal lines that juxtapose the diagonal lines of the Silver Faux Leather Moto Jacket that is also from Forever 21. To finish of this urban look, I added some Faux Leather Moto Joggers and Diamante Collar Clips (No longer sold) to add a bit of luxury to the outfit. Each of the individual pieces of apparel work on their own and work best when they are used as layers to an outfit.

Look 3 –  Natasha

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Natasha’s look was a slight homage to the 80’s with the oversized Leopard print sleeved sweatshirt from Forever 21 Men. I would recommend getting it in a larger size if you like the oversized fit. Natasha brought her own Jeans and shoes that completely fitted my vision and the Black Faux Fur coat is actually my Mum’s. The Choker she is wearing is from Topshop and the rose gold colour really complemented the leopard print.

My Look

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I am extremely proud of my look also. The shirt I have on is the very first (And certainly not the last) Victoyforu Shirt. I enjoyed playing with this palette of white because it creates quite a sharp look and with the small additions of the red shoes and the purple Victoryforu Logo add the necessary colour that this outfit needed.

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Thank you so much to everyone!


Victorious Everyday

・・・Intricate jewellery designs by Svetlana Marshall will be showing at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Join us on Saturday 12th March to see a show full of new and exciting collections. #OFW #AW16 | Feeling extremely blessed and honoured to be able to see designs as beautiful as a Svetlana Marshall’s jewellery. Not only does it look great, she is a brilliantly inspirational woman who wants other women to feel strong and empowered. Soon I’ll be doing a lovely write up about her and tonight’s event but a special one for her alone because she truly inspired me and made me feel as if I knew her for ages. #VictoryforuFashion Victorious Everyday.

Oxford Fashion Week’s Runway Shows on Saturday

On the 12th March, Oxford Fashion Studio will be embarking on their last show of the season, Oxford Fashion Week. A jam-packed week filled with fun, educational and – obviously – fashion events.

Below is a brief look at what we can all expect at the shows on Saturday:


Pattern Magic // Tallinn

The collection’s name ‘Pattern Magic’ is inspired by the idea of thought patterns and the idea of observing one’s mind to adjust and reorganise these patterns as a way of self-improvement.

Raggedy by Hayley Trezise
Be Your Beautiful // Frome

Raggedy creates Innovative and unique wearable art that is made in the UK. Eco-couture that is slow and timeless fashion, sculpting beautiful shapes from waste materials and organic fabrics, that is inspired by and celebrates the female form.

Olivia May Boutique
SS16 // Oxford

Expressing yourself through what you wear is a fantastic free feeling. The high street tailors everyone to look the same but at Olivia May you can find an outfit that individually expresses you.

Gwendoline and the posta di Donna // Stafford

HEM became fully established in 2013 as an independent online store and designer of bespoke garments, founded by, rather fortunately named Hannah Emily Matthews. HEM is proud of customer service and attention to detail, high quality collections and extra special one off pieces.

Yu Universe
AW16 // London

YU (Yu – Universe) – designs by Keishin Hoshiko with an emphasis on harmony between form and function, traditional technique and contemporary design, the individual and their environment. We want to think of ways in which we can be more comfortable, more beautiful and at the same time take more care to be mindful of our surroundings to make a positive impact.

Rochelle Nicole
Window // London

Bermudian born designer Rochelle Minors, injects elements of her home country within her work. Taken from the local vibrant streets of Bermuda and the Mediterranean, the designer was inspired by the unique placement of unconventional colours mixed with the hard structure of windows and their decorative complementary blinds. Taking a literal approach, the designer inserted the element of window within each garment, with both sheer paneling and print, creating a ‘see through’ element throughout.


Hannah Sykes
Razzle Dazzle // London

Hannah Sykes is a technical pattern designer giving function to her designs allowing them to have a dual purpose. Hannah’s collection was solely in screen print with the small amount of digital print, which gave an overall impact with her double print and the reflection of colours throughout my collection. Hannah combines this with an innovative ink bringing intelligence into her designs.

Limelight // Southampton

I am delighted to showcase my Limelight collection at the upcoming Oxford Fashion Week runway show as this platform is a big opportunity for my brand to reach out to the right audience. However, to be chosen by the team is what excites me most and I want to use my design to create a real lasting impact.

Svetlana Marshall
Pautinka // London

The Infinity Chain by Svetlana Marshall. Each piece allows the wearer to express themselves as creatively and uniquely as possible. ’ Pautinka London ’ has won the prestigious British Jewellers Association’s annual design competition and has recently exhibited at International Jewellery London ( IJL ) and at London Fashion Week (Fashions Finest). Svetlana now creates luxury designs in gold & silver as well as fashion jewellery.

Angels Rest // Johannesburg

The direct translation of the word “Zulu” means Heaven. Urban Zulu embodies the ideal of the Urban Heaven. Inspired by the spiritual, connected to the beauty and texture of the physical, Urban Zulu reflects the balance between the higher ideals of love and unity and practical functionality. The “Urban” element of the brand speaks to the fast paced lifestyle demands of modern living. Our clothes remain functional and relevant in contemporary society, yet still reflect the unique nuances of our African identity.

Mor Lumbroso
Pulse // Amsterdam

My feminist upbringing and being a former dancer at the Alvin Ailey Dance School in New York City have led me to aspire to create clothes that have the power to make women feel more confident and forceful while wearing them. My traditional painting and dancing studies have led me to view the body as a 3D canvas where I can experiment with movement and volume to create new silhouettes. Dark culture, intangible elements, travelling and movement influence my designs.

Daniel Pascal Tanner
SS16/17 // London

Infatuated with the research process, Daniel discovers reinventions and innovations in traditional textile and craft techniques through plucking nostalgic references and texts from past and present and slaps them together with his own photographic diary which explore personal interests in gender, equality, sexuality and paradoxical examples of modernity and antiquity often exploring subjects with heavy undertones.

Sabina Saga
3DP Bridal 2016 // New York

Sabina Saga’s work brings a fresh look at how materials and technologies can reshape fashion at the most emotive levels. Unlocking the potential of 3D printing, it is changing the design industry and making 3D printed accessories, jewellery, and textiles an accessible reality.

Be prepared to be completely astounded by the talent at this weekend’s show. Oxford Fashion Studio will definitely be finishing with a Bang! 


Victorious Everyday

Repost @oxfordfashionstudio
・・・Don’t miss out on our fashion illustration workshop, this Wednesday at The Jam Factory, Oxford, 7pm.
Tickets available:
#OFS #OFW #AW16 | Tonight was amazing at the press launch. Met so many lovely people and I felt so encouraged in that environment to be my best. I’d love to be able to go to this event and learn some fashion illustration – something I’ve always wanted to learn – please do go along and learn how to create fashionable masterpieces. #VictoryforuFashion Victorious Everyday.

B.A. Leach will be at Oxford Fashion Week’s Runway Shows tonight

B.A. Leach will be showcasing her new collection entitled ‘Enchanted & Repelled’ at Oxford Fashion Week.

B.A. Leach is based in Bicester (My home town) Oxfordshire, She has previously been at Oxford Fashion Week in March 2015 displaying Fractured Elegance, her previous collection. The collection that will be displayed at 6pm, at the Sheldonian Theatre, depicts the story for an individual moving to a new city and exploring all sides of their new environment and encounters the good, the bad and the ugly.

Bee Leach, the lovely lady behind B.A. Leach, graduated from Norwich University of Arts in 2014 with a BA Honors degree in fashion design. She has undertaken several independent projects after graduating with organisations and personal clients.

‘Enchanted & Repelled’ will certainly attract a great following after Oxford Fashion Week’s Runway shows tonight. Don’t miss this chance to see her collection.

If you still don’t have your tickets, get them here now before it’s too late, . 

Olivia May will be at Oxford Fashion Week

Olivia May provides unconventional designs for the modern woman who is independent and looking for outfits to make a statement about who she is. Olivia May is the home of Unique designers and they are coming to Oxford Fashion Week.

Olivia May boutique have a very independent styling approach. They focus on you as a person and have handpicked designers to create a completely unique look. The handpicked designers include Studio Rundholz, Privatsachen and Moyuru. 

Olivia May Boutique is a company that believes in natural fabrics and this results in a completely comfortable feel. If you are interested in completely original and creative designs, head to the Olivia May Boutique to explore further,  

After seeing these designs in person at the Bloggers Preview party, I can tell you that you will not be disappointed by what you see at the show tonight.