My NYFW September 2017 Faves!

Today marks the end of New York Fashion Week

(And the beginning of London Fashion Week – more to come soon) and I have absolutely loved it! Granted, I wasn’t there soaking up the sights and sounds of NYC but I am here to share some of my fashion week faves. The header image for this blog post includes Karlie Kloss closing the show at Brandon Maxwell, Slick Woods walking in the Fenty X Puma show and Gigi Hadid (who pretty much was in every show) opening Prabal Gurung. Let’s jump into the brilliance that was (and is) New York Fashion Week.

(Disclaimer: all images without the Victoryforu logo were not edited by me and do not belong to me!)

Oxford Fashion Studio

My friends at Oxford Fashion Studio absolutely slayed NYFW with no apologies, featuring designers such as Heroes 4 Heroes, Gina Cas, Manola Hawaii and Vanessa Gounden. Make sure you check out their live videos for a full look at all of their amazing designers:

Oxford Fashion Studio will continue to grow and become a fashion power house. Make sure you remember their name.


If you know me well enough, you know that I am a dancer. If not check out my Youtube Channel – Shameless plug, I know. But when dance and fashion come together as the culmination of self-expression like at the Desigual show, I have to completely say, “I am in Love!”

I remember saying this as soon as I saw a short snippet of them on Instagram. And here is some of what I saw, you know just ICYMI all:

Yes, it’s crazy but what great fashion house isn’t a little bit mad!

Brandon Maxwell

Karlie Kloss Closing Brandon Maxwell.
DIsclaimer: Found on Vogue Runway.

Karlie Kloss (Who celebrated 10 years of being a model) looks absolutely exquisite in Maxwell’s brilliant designs. You can see the artistry in every single piece, take a look:

(All Images in this slideshow are from Vogue Runway)

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Brandon Maxwell is truly a class act!

Fenty X Puma

Before getting into the style, can we just take a moment to discuss FENTY BEAUTY!

And the reviews have been so good. Rihanna did not come to play! Her risky, no-prisoners attitude transcends her music, fashion and acting careers. Whether you like her or not, Badgalriri is undoubtedly slaying the game.

Slick Woods in Fenty X Puma
Found on Vogue Runway

The Urban designs also involved both men and women which for a menswear lover like me really intrigued me, I believe that Rihanna really has a skilled eye for design:

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Do I need to say anymore? The British fashion powerhouse absolutely killed it in NYC:

Jeremy Scott

Happy Anniversary to the Haute Street Style Genius! Here’s to 20 more years of amazing, crazy, innovative style!

Prabal Gurung

“Grant me the strength to change the things I cannot accept.” is how Gurung’s politically charged began. Freeing the nipple, empowering women and completely showing us all how it is done is what he does best.

Even though there are so many oustanding designers, these are just a handful of some of my favourites from NYFW! Next Stop: London Fashion Week.

I am so excited for this weekend!


Victorious Everyday


#TBTOFS Take me back – Oxford Fashion Studio’s New York Collections

Last season in New York, Oxford Fashion Studio opened in such a bold way. I will be running through my favourite fashion moments of NYFW.

Starting with Sabina Saga, (Below) her SS17 Dynasty collection was absolutely show-stopping.

In an Instagram post, Sabina Saga wrote about her latest collection:

“I am so happy to announce the official release of my new collection inspired by my Ethnic Roots, made in honor of the country where I was born-Kazakhstan. This is a great honor, but also a huge responsibility to represent my Homeland at international contests. Thanks everyone for the love and support! ❤️”

Sabina Saga’s talent, passion and sheer creativity makes her designs even more captivating. Her use of 3D printing is highly commendable and I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future.

I loved writing for Urban Zulu but most of all, I love what they stand for.

In the interview I conducted with Papy Kaluw, he said:

“Urban Zulu as a brand actually has a mandate, I am a little bit religious, I believe that God has assigned me to do this, to bring positivity back to being black. Every time black is mentioned, it is always to do with negative stuff, if Africa is mentioned, it’s almost always something negative. For me, New York Fashion Week is one of the greatest platforms, we’re bringing down Black Angels. When we talk about Angels, it is positive and anytime black is mentioned it is almost always negative. So the Black Angels is to show the positivity of being black which is Africa. That is the inspiration!”


And lastly one of my favourites was Deanna Michel!


It was a pleasure to be able to interview Deanna M. Laster who creates sophisticated and minimalist designs.

Deanna described the Deanna Michel Woman as:

“The DeannaMichel Woman is mature yet fun-loving, professional yet free-spirited, bohemian yet chic. She is a trendsetter who loves to make a bold statement when entering a room.”

I am extremely excited to see what Oxford Fashion Studio has to offer this season.


Victorious Everyday

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・・・"Through interdisciplinary fabrication, CAD modeling and 3D printing is combined with traditional handcrafting technique,” says Alexis Walsh . Read more at: #nyfw | The future of fashion. A throw-forward from 3016. This looked phenomenal at OFS’ New York Collections. Can’t wait to see more. #VictoryforuFashion Victorious Everyday.


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・・・Go backstage at @itsjeremyscott Fall/Winter ‘16. #NYFW | Love a bit of BTS action. Along with everything else on my blog tagged NYFW have been my favourite pieces.
Hopefully, if all goes well, I’ll have some @OxfordFashionStudio interviews to share with you. God bless. #VictoryforuFashion Victorious Everyday.


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・・・It’s Day Seven of #NYFW. Catch today’s shows live on the official NYFW app. | After this I’ll be posting some of my favourite NYFW moments. #VictoryforuFashion Victorious Everyday.